The Most Important Signing Wenger Will Make This Season


With the transfer window open wider than Rita Ora’s legs, the clamour for Wenger to make some well-needed additions to a painfully thin squad is as loud as ever. A proven goal scorer, brutal holding midfielder and centre back are just some of the positions on the wish list of many Arsenal fans. However it could another purchase this January that may prove to be the most important of the lot. For weeks now it has been painfully obvious Arsene Wenger has been struggling with what he currently has at his disposal. The problem Wenger faces was evident during the 7-3 win over Newcastle back at the end of 2012, when during the early passages of the game he found himself staring down the face of defeat to his ridiculously oversized coat. With a mammoth task in front of him, he managed to overcome the illustrious zip but expectations of a venture into the January market were high. had this quote: ‘Of course you are always looking out for top, top quality jackets. But you have to make sure it is better than what you currently have. To find a jacket of this quality in 3 weeks? I have to wish you good luck!’

Similar sentiments were echoed on caughtoffside: ‘I want to make additions, this is true. But before you buy you must sell, so to become active in the market I must first become active in the market. We are not Manchester City or Chelsea, we have money to spend but we must be wise, we can’t throw money at every bad situation. When the zipper works everyone will say I am a genius, but the moment there are problems you (the media) pile on the pressure. This is the problem with England’. Wenger will struggle to find a buyer for something so overpriced, which remains a sticking point. There is hope he will cut his losses and release it on a free, but being the economist he is, it’s unlikely he will adopt this measure. His refusal to enter the market has sections of the Arsenal support calling for his head, growing tired of his stubborn and riddled ways, but to find a manager of Wengers quality will be tough. Especially as they will be left with the same broken coat he currently has.


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